Small groups

Get connected

Being connected to the church means more than just attending on Sunday mornings. Being connected means experiencing life together with other followers of Jesus as we reach our full potential in Christ. At Cresset Church the best place to do this is in a small group.

If you have any questions pertaining to small groups, please email Tucker Reyner.

Why small groups?

At Cresset Church we want to help people reach their full potential in Christ. Small groups help people reach their full potential in Christ through engaging in community, God’s word, and mission. The reason we are able to be full in Christ, and grow towards our potential in Christ is only because of what Christ has done for us. But Jesus does not want us to go at this alone, nor does he call us to do this alone. Jesus calls us to be in relationships with others, and he modeled this with his own life and the relationships that he formed with his disciples.


Jesus’ disciples were a small group where they could discuss what they were hearing. It gave them an environment to ask questions and figure things out. It was a relationship-driven environment where they could be more transparent, encouraged and supported as they learned from Jesus. Likewise, we intentionally offer small groups of various kinds so that long-term, healthy relationships can develop.


At Cresset we want to create an environment for people to grow in their relationship with Jesus, as well as in their relationships with each other, all while seeking to reach our full potential. At Cresset this happens in our small groups. Cresset small groups are about more than just getting information. Our small groups are a way of life and they are the primary vehicle by which we make disciples. They are a way of living out our faith as we seek to follow Jesus everyday and grow together in the gospel with other followers of Jesus. At Cresset Church our small groups are built on the following:


  • Community – Connecting and Caring


We experience the gospel through community when we are in authentic, safe, and caring relationships with others. Small groups create an environment for us to connect and care for one another.


  • God’s Word – Learning and Living


We experience the gospel through God’s word, which is relevant, practical, and powerful. Small groups create an environment for us to learn and live out God’s word.


  • Mission – Serving and Sending


We experience the gospel through mission by being an intentional light to those around us, inviting them into our groups, and equipping them to live as followers of Jesus. Small groups create an environment for us to serve and be sent out.


While all of our small groups are built on community, God’s word, and mission, they are all characterized by the gospel. The gospel should be at work in everything we do. The gospel should be interactive in everything that we do. The gospel is not the end result of our groups. It is the very essence of our groups, and as we experience community, God’s word, and mission, we want to celebrate the gospel being at work as we grow together through the gospel.

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